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Our expertise and specialties

What We Do

  • Apartment & House Rental

    From college students to young professionals to families, we offer beautiful apartments for all lifestyles.

  • Repair

    These apartments are brand new so maintenance should not be an issue! But just in case, we will take care of any issues needed as soon as possible.

  • Management

    Our friendly and professional management team will ensure your living experience is top of the line.

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Why Choose Westbridge

  •  Luxury Living Experience

    At Westbridge, we bring together luxury and affordability. Our mission is to offer the best living experience without the hefty price tag. One where you’re proud to call home.

  • Convenient Locations

    No car? No problem. Not only are we near campus, but we are also located near Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Freddy’s Steakhouse and several other restaurants.

  • Close to Campus

    Our apartments are conveniently located within walking distance to Pittsburg State University.


  •  Dedicated Parking

    No need to worry about finding a parking spot! As a resident of Westbridge, you will enjoy having your own dedicated parking spot close to your very own apartment!

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