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Apartments for Young Professional in Pittsburg KS

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Student Housing Near Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg KS

cheap aprtments in pittsburg ksStudent Housing Near Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg KS

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Apartments for Student in Pittsburg KS

Apartments for Student in Pittsburg KS

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Security and Safety: What to Consider When Finding a College Apartment

College students who choose to live in an apartment make very good choices because they come with a number of advantages. If you are going to college and you are looking for an apartment or you are already in college and you have decided to try out apartment living, it is not enough to just look at what amenities are made available to you. Your security and safety should also be looked into if at all you are to have a good time living off campus. Here are some of the security and safety measures you should check when selecting an apartment.

apartment safety

The apartment location

Is the location reputable in terms of security or will you be worrying all the time when commuting to and from school? How is the neighborhood in terms of security? Are there security agencies within the area? These are some of the questions that can help you evaluate how reliable the apartment location is in terms of security. Find out as much as you can about the location and crime, then make a decision you will be comfortable with. The more you know about the location, the better off you’ll be knowing you remain safe and secure.

apartment safety

Security fence

A fence does not only take privacy to another level, but it actually elevates security levels within the property. Look at the type of fence the apartment has and how secure it makes you feel when within it. Some modern apartments have electric fences around the entire property and this makes students feel very secure at all times. Choose an apartment in which the perimeter wall can be trusted for heightened security.

apartment safety

Security cameras and systems

An apartment block that has HD cameras and remote monitoring tends to be best for students who are conscious about their safety and security. When you know that the property is under surveillance, you feel secure and relaxed. The security systems also have a way of keeping criminals at bay. An apartment that has such systems will make you feel safe and secure even when off the building because you know that your belongings and valuables remain safe.

apartment safety

Fire systems

Fires cannot be overlooked, especially considering how mischievous some students can be. A good apartment designed for college students should have reliable fire systems. They can be made up of smoke detectors and fire extinguishers and even alarms. Consider the system that your apartment has and how effective it will be in case of a fire breakout. You will also want to look at the fire exits made available and how functional they can be in case an emergency occurs. The systems are commonly overlooked, but they are some of the most important as far as your safety off campus is concerned.

apartment safety

Also important to look at when thinking of safety and security is the security lock system available in the apartment. The apartment should have a reliable system that makes unauthorized entries impossible.

If you are looking for a safe and secure apartment to make your college life more enjoyable and relaxed, then Westbridge Apartments is where you should be. The apartments have your safety and security as a priority thanks to the top notch systems in place.

apartment safety

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Apartments For College Students – Features to Check for Your Comfort and Convenience

Choosing an apartment instead of on-campus dorms comes with a number of advantages and if you are lucky enough, you could get an apartment that is close enough to your institution giving you easy access. However, even with all the advantages that apartments come with, the choice that you make can determine the experience that you have living in the apartment. If you value comfort and everyday conveniences, then there are areas that you should give attention to when checking out an apartment.


Lighting can add beauty to a unit and should therefore be well done. Fortunately, most modern apartments come with stylish lighting and fixtures that transform the apartment interiors and exteriors, however, you should also ensure that your unit still receives enough natural light so that you can keep your bills at manageable levels.

features of a good apartment


They are a great convenience for everyday living and a good apartment should have all necessary appliances. Consider the items that you value the most and how available they are in your unit so that you can start enjoying college life as soon as you step into your apartment. Most modern college apartments have stainless appliances so you know you can trust beauty and quality and not just the convenience they offer.

features of a good apartment

Lock systems

The locks are very important in limiting and offering access to the apartment. The system in place should be working properly and should be good enough to make you feel safe at all times. Consider the lock system when walking through an apartment you are eyeing for your college stay.

features of a good apartment

Shower systems

If you love your bath times, then this is definitely a feature that you cannot forget to check out. Fortunately, if you are looking at a modern apartment, you will definitely find a modern shower system that is designed to help you relax. Check what is included in your bathroom and don’t forget to test the water pressure in the shower just to be sure you love what you are getting.

features of a good apartment

HVAC system

A good apartment bound to offer you nothing short of convenience and comfort all through the year should have an HVAC system that is functional. The system gives you control over your unit temperatures and you should make a point of ensuring that it will serve your needs regardless of the season. Test the system beforehand.

features of a good apartment

Pantry and cupboards

They should be sizable enough to give you ample storage space. Check the size of the cupboards and pantry and relate them to the needs that you have before making a final choice.

features of a good apartment

Walls and floors

They should be free from scratches, patches, holes and marks. In fact, a good apartment that is comfortable enough should have excellent interior décor that makes you feel at home. Choose décor that matches your personality or an environment that makes you feel at ease and happy. For instance, a luxury vinyl floor is not only stunning, but also easy to clean and care for. Make such considerations when looking at your walls and floors.

features of a good apartment


Westbridge Apartments are modern apartments that are perfect for Pittsburg students. They are located close to Pittsburg State University and come with all amenities any student could ask for besides the location convenience.


features of apartments

apartment huntingapartments in pittsburg kscollege apartmentsfeatures of a good apartment

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Hunting For A College Apartment? The Dos

Joining campus can be very exciting, especially when you know that you will have an apartment all to yourself. Apartments for college students are loved and with so many properties catering to the needs of the students today, you must ensure that you play your role to get the very best unit. Here’s an easy to follow ‘do’ list to help with your apartment hunting!

Do: start an early search

Now that you already know what college or university you will be joining, the least you can do is to start an early search for apartments that are nearby. The closeness of the apartment to your school can bring in a lot of convenience, but even when you get one that is a bit far, an early search helps you create a plan of how you will be commuting to and from school. An early search can also be helpful in landing you to some of the best units at a preferred apartment block before the other students rent them out.

apartment hunting

Do: compare a few apartments

Even if you already know the building you would rather live in as you study, it might still pay off to take the time to make a few comparisons. Chances are that the neighborhood will have a number of apartments and comparing might give you a reason to change your mind or convince you that you have made the right decision. Find out what other apartments have in store for you so you can make an informed decision.

Do: visit the property

In modern days where everything is done over the internet, it is easy for people to trust what they see online, but it is not always advisable because you can never be too sure. To be absolutely sure that you are getting the real deal with the apartment you have chosen for your college years, make a point of visiting it physically and evaluating a number of units that are available. A physical visit gives you a chance to check out the entire property and confirm that everything you have been promised is actually real. When you know the real state of the property, you will actually make a good choice as par your unit location on the property.

Modern Apartments in Pittsburg KS

Do: ask questions

When you visit the apartment or when making inquiries online, ensure that you ask all relevant questions relating to the rental. Find out how the property is managed, who manages it, what restrictions are there, what facilities are available, which facilities are private and which ones are shared and also find out what extra services you can enjoy on the property. To ensure that you do not leave any area untouched, make a list of all questions you find important. You can then make a decision based on the responses that you get.

Do: read your lease agreement before signing

It is in the agreement that most property details are hidden. You do not want to sign an agreement that you have no idea of the contents. You will be surprised at just how many things were not mentioned yet they are in the contract.

apartment hunting

Westbridge Apartments give students an easy time making their decision by conducting walk-through visits to the modern units. The units have everything a student could need and the rates and terms are made very reasonable for students.

Finding the right apartment

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A College Student’s Guide to Apartment Hunting

Going to college is always exciting and you definitely will be more excited to have your own apartment to enjoy as you study. In order to make your apartment stay as enjoyable as you wish for it to be, there are a few things that you should look into when selecting that perfect place.

Finding the right apartment


The location of the apartment is one of the most critical factors to consider. It can determine how convenient it is for you to access school. Some apartments are student-targeted, and are therefore located near universities. You will have an easy time with these apartments because you can choose to walk to school, or enjoy a few minute drive or bike ride to the institution. The location can also have an effect on security, so be sure to select an apartment located in a safe and secure area.

Surrounding Areas

Surrounding areas will add to your college life convenience. When looking at your apartment options, check whether there are shopping malls, grocery stores, clinics, department stores, entertainment joints, restaurants and recreational facilities nearby. Remember that as much as you are in school to study, you still want to conduct a normal life and the surroundings determine the conveniences you can enjoy. An apartment located within an area that has some of these most important facilities is best, since it means you can get everything you need, whether goods or services without the extra expense of travelling from your locality. Find out what facilities are available and their importance to you as a student when selecting an apartment.

Interiors and Exteriors

How impressed do you feel with the general look of the apartment? As a matter fact, college students love modern looking apartments and you should get nothing short of that. Consider the exterior features as well as the interior features and relate them to your personal preferences. A good apartment should have well maintained lawns, pathways and entryways. The garden, if any, should also be well maintained. The outer walls, windows and doors should also be stunning.

When looking at the interiors, the walls, floors, counter-tops, colors and fixtures should be excellent as well. Remember that you want an apartment you can pride yourself in even without any personal additions. The secret when choosing is to ensure that you like what you see both on the outside and inside. Fortunately, most apartments meant for students are well renovated inside and outside and you are therefore likely to love what you get.


Amenities are very important and you should relate them with the kind of life you want to be living in the apartment through your college years. Look at all appliances made available and how functional they are. They include refrigerators, ovens, cookers, microwaves, stereos, dryers and many others. Most apartments come complete with kitchenware saving you the expenses of buying your own. Check to see what is available and how important it is to you. An apartment that has almost everything that you need is a better choice.

College students from Pittsburg are lucky to have Westbridge Apartments. These apartments are not only stunning in appearance, but they also come equipped with items that any student could need to enjoy a comfortable convenient stay.

Finding the right apartment

apartment huntingapartments in pittsburg kscollege apartmentsfinding the right apartment

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