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Apartments For College Students – Features to Check for Your Comfort and Convenience

Choosing an apartment instead of on-campus dorms comes with a number of advantages and if you are lucky enough, you could get an apartment that is close enough to your institution giving you easy access. However, even with all the advantages that apartments come with, the choice that you make can determine the experience that you have living in the apartment. If you value comfort and everyday conveniences, then there are areas that you should give attention to when checking out an apartment.


Lighting can add beauty to a unit and should therefore be well done. Fortunately, most modern apartments come with stylish lighting and fixtures that transform the apartment interiors and exteriors, however, you should also ensure that your unit still receives enough natural light so that you can keep your bills at manageable levels.

features of a good apartment


They are a great convenience for everyday living and a good apartment should have all necessary appliances. Consider the items that you value the most and how available they are in your unit so that you can start enjoying college life as soon as you step into your apartment. Most modern college apartments have stainless appliances so you know you can trust beauty and quality and not just the convenience they offer.

features of a good apartment

Lock systems

The locks are very important in limiting and offering access to the apartment. The system in place should be working properly and should be good enough to make you feel safe at all times. Consider the lock system when walking through an apartment you are eyeing for your college stay.

features of a good apartment

Shower systems

If you love your bath times, then this is definitely a feature that you cannot forget to check out. Fortunately, if you are looking at a modern apartment, you will definitely find a modern shower system that is designed to help you relax. Check what is included in your bathroom and don’t forget to test the water pressure in the shower just to be sure you love what you are getting.

features of a good apartment

HVAC system

A good apartment bound to offer you nothing short of convenience and comfort all through the year should have an HVAC system that is functional. The system gives you control over your unit temperatures and you should make a point of ensuring that it will serve your needs regardless of the season. Test the system beforehand.

features of a good apartment

Pantry and cupboards

They should be sizable enough to give you ample storage space. Check the size of the cupboards and pantry and relate them to the needs that you have before making a final choice.

features of a good apartment

Walls and floors

They should be free from scratches, patches, holes and marks. In fact, a good apartment that is comfortable enough should have excellent interior décor that makes you feel at home. Choose décor that matches your personality or an environment that makes you feel at ease and happy. For instance, a luxury vinyl floor is not only stunning, but also easy to clean and care for. Make such considerations when looking at your walls and floors.

features of a good apartment


Westbridge Apartments are modern apartments that are perfect for Pittsburg students. They are located close to Pittsburg State University and come with all amenities any student could ask for besides the location convenience.


features of apartments

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